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Director/Video/Edit: Kipp Schorr

CLIENT: Black Diamond

Director/Video/Edit: Kipp Schorr

CLIENT: Black Diamond

Director/Video/Edit: Kipp Schorr

CLIENT: Black Diamond

Teamed up with the incredible talent of Sweetgrass productions this past year and helped produce some videos from their mountain biking follow up to Afterglow, Darklight. Here's one of the edits I cut for Specialized bikes. 

EDIT: Kipp Schorr


Director / DP: Kipp Schorr

Camera Operator: Tim Jones

Edit / Color: Kipp Schorr

Sound Design: Avery Sandack

Music Composition: Bobby James


Petzl's Di'namik Bouldering Championship is the grittiest, action-packed sporting event of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. 2016 brought in big names like Alex Puccio, Nina Williams, Daniel Woods, Nathaniel Coleman and Paul Robinson to break in The Front Climbing Club's brand new, 70 ft. lead climbing wall built by Vertical Solutions. VS converted the lead wall into a bouldering thunder-dome with massive volumes to allow for three floors of viewing (and party) space. Keep an eye out for more information on Petzl's Di'namik 2017 in September. You won't believe what they have planned for next year. +Cameras: Kipp Schorr Tim Jones +Edit: Kipp Schorr +Music: Kinematix Music Drugs (Kinematix Remix)

Back at it this year with the 2017 Petzl Di'namik bouldering comp video. Only had my hand in the edit this round, but wow, the new setup was amazing and well captured! 


Director / Videographer / Editor : Kipp Schorr


In a recent collab with local powerhouse Traeger Grills, we got to combine two of our favorite things....BBQ and cameras. Beyond stoked to be working with these guys. Be on the look out for MUCH more content coming from this partnership. 


Another edit from the recent team up with Sweetgrass and Tom Tom. Was great mixing the incredible 6K RED footage, with the TomTom POV footage for this edit. Good times! 

Producer: Lexi Dowdall

Video: Kipp Schorr, Tim Jones

Edit: Kipp Schorr

In December of 2014 I had the opportunity to DP a large scale, multi country shoot for Curvature. The style was hard to nail, not coming from a tech background. But the shooting was a blast, and the final product turned out great! 

Director: Dan Ransom

Camera Op: Kipp Schorr

Edit / Color: Dan Ransom

A BTS edit from the above brand video for Curvature. Absolute blast to be a part of. 

The property that Victory Ranch sits on is stunning, to say the least. From the acres upon acres of private mountain biking and ATV trails, to the backcountry yurts and back to the high end dining establisments, this place is something to behold. Was completely honored to team up with Grit Visual and help product this video, and still to this day is one of the best shoots I have ever been on. Cheers!